Hello world!

Sri Gurubhyo Namaha!
Namaskar and a warm welcome into the academy.
This online academy is an attempt to bring dance, especially Bharatanatyam closer to everyone, be it a starter, a performer, a guru or a rasika. This is an attempt to share what we have learnt from the selfless Gurus who taught us. This is a humble attempt, to share with others, the vast knowledge resources that was so painstakingly imparted to us, to harness the reach of internet and spread awareness and information and create interest in this Divine Art Form.
This effort is not an exercise to replace a guru. Infact we are in strong support of guru’s guidance, but this is just an effort to reinforce what has been taught, to reach interested rasikas…
The course is designed to simulate regular classroom learning. At the end of the course, a regular student of this academy hopefully, should have a good knowledge of the basics of Bharathanatyam technique. It might also help transition into a regular learning set up. And that is our aim. To encourage learning in a traditional set up. We seriously believe that CD’s, books and websites are just learning aids that can never provide the complete education that is imparted by a “Guru”.
In Indian Art, the learning does not stop with the learning the technique itself. Its a comprehensive process of learning by observation and imbibing the principles of one’s Guru. What’s learnt during the class may be just as important as what is learnt through other casual interactions and in just being with them.
Course Content/Progression:
The course here, will tentatively have a following progression, from the simple to the more complex.:-
1.Intorduction, the salutation, and flexibility exercises…
2.Adavus (Tatadavu, Natadavu, Mardhita,and Gudhitametti )
3.Asamyutha and Samyutha Hastas.
4.Adavus (Sarukkal, Paydhal, Ettadavu, mandi, Sarruku adavu)
5.Bhedhas ( Shiro and Greva)
6.Adavus( Panchanadai,Kuttadavau, Korvai and theermanam adavus)
7. Bhedhas ( Drishti and Paada bhedhas)
8. Other adavus and theory…
We will be happy to answer your doubts to the best of our abilities.
We have an orkut forum to extend and facilitate the interaction. Please feel free to join us there
Dissemination of the Course/Course Methodology
An attempt will be made to animate the majority of the steps and the theory will use videos. But the photography, animation and the video uploading are time consuming and intricate processes. It might help if you were to know that photographing and animating one step takes as much as 2 hours and the video uploading is totally dependent on the internet connectivity. Since we offer our services totally free, we rely on free audio and video hosts and disruptions are bound to affect. Given the dimension of the project, we are bound to have problems, but will gladly find a way out with your help.
We request your support and cooperation in this endeavor to systematize learning and teaching the basic techniques in Bharathanatyam.
Sangeetha Shyam
(On behalf of all the passionate souls behind this venture)

8 Responses

  1. It indeed is a very informative and helpful blog for the novices. The basic training process and its gradual development is explained in a very interesting manner. I am very sure that this would lure more and more people around the world to learn our rich dance style.

  2. Thank you Mr.Bajpai. It’s a great honor to to receive this comment from you. Its a sincere trial with the best of intentions.

  3. Very impressed with your effort. I suggest that you may like to make it a course where people can learn at their pace and come to you for a visit once in a while where they can be tested and graded. This literally brings teacher to your home and it can teach correct technique. Well done.


    Sangeetha: Mr. Sanjeev,

    Thanks for your kind words. This indeed is our humble effort to improve teaching and learning techniques. If you did notice the course is broken down into sessions . Depending on one’s experience,time,grasp and need one may complete a session, part of it,or do more than a session at a time.. Visitors, guests and enthusiasts are always welcome.
    Thanks and Regards

  4. Answers to the checkpoint questions:-

    Q)What are two handed gestures called?
    A) Asamyutha Hastas and Samyutha Hastas
    Q)Katakamukham is an Asamyutha Hasta… True or False
    Q)Paraval adavu is another name for
    A)Mardita adavu
    Q)Naatadavu gives importance to the ____________ position of the feet.
    A)Anjitham (leg streched with heal in contact with the floor)
    Q)Kudhitametti are steps that involve_________________.
    A)Jump and tap the floor with the heel while the toes are already in contact with the floor.
    Q)Name the position of the hands used in the Tatadavu.

    Q)Match the following
    Kudhitametti a. Anjitham
    Tatadavu b. Flowing movements
    Naatadavu c. katithosedham
    Mardhitha d. Tapping
    A)Naatadavu –>a. Anjitham
    Mardhitha–>b.Flowing Movements
    Tatadavu –>d.Tapping
    Q)Name the Hastas with the following meaning
    A)1.War ->Kilako
    2.Fish ->Matsya
    3.Flag ->Patakam
    4.Half Moon ->Ardhachandra
    5.Needle ->Suchi
    6. Blossomed flower->Alapadma
    7. Pigeon/dove
    8. crab
    9. peacock ->Mayura
    10. box/container –>Samputa
    QDemonstrate the adavus for the following sorkattus :-
    Adavu 1 ->Kudhitametti
    Adavu 2 ->Mardhita
    Recite the Asamyutha Hasta Verse

    Pataka Tripatako ardhpakasya Kartharimukaha Mayurakyo ardhchandra aralaka, shukathundaka, musthischya, shikarakyascha, kapithaha, katakamukuaha, suchi, chandrakala, padamakosha, sarpashirasthatha. Mridsheersha, simhamukha, kangula, alapadmaka. Chathura, bhramarashcheva, tamarachuda, trisulaka.

  5. Hi, you people have just done anawesome job by launching this site. God Bless..!! I am a IT Professional and dance is my passion. I love classical dancing. I learned both bharatnatyam and kathak in my initial years of schooling. I started bharatnatyam at the age 5. However, my wish to complete the 7 levels have been just a dream. Due to my career aspirations I failed to continue with this passion of mine. Now I dont even remember the basics and felt really bad about it. This site has refreshed all the teachings my Guru gave me and I really liked this site. Have recommended few of other kids in US in my vicinity who dont get the opportunity to learn this dance. Good job guys…Great work put together..

  6. Thanks Parul. Actually my work on this blog is a dedication to my Guru, Chitra akka. While I dont beleive online teaching can be easy for new students, I am sure the website helps past students refresh their memory and for a few students who werent taught the theory behind the steps, it is an value addition 🙂 While one may “read up” from a book and “visually absorb” from visiual media like DVD’s, websites etc, learning happens with a Guru.

  7. I’m so happy to see this web-site , that it brings tears of joy…
    Being a mother and working full time trying pursue a hobby is almost impossible. Although I even did my “Aarengettam” 25 yrs ago , I have forgotten almost everything, but since I love dancing was looking for web-sites where I could learn some theory alongwith some practicals. This seems to be the one so am very excited .
    I do have a question , I did see another comment where they watched the video session. will the link to upload be in each session, I couldn’t find it in the first session , maybe I didn’t look hard enough
    Thanks for hosting this , Highy grateful!!

  8. Namaskaaram

    It took so long for me to hit this site. I (62 yrs.) am a retired teacher of life sciences and trained in Kathakali; still performing. Kindly visit my website to see the type of humble studeies I make.

    Your endeavour is a great service & blessing to people like me, who try to impart our small findings to the serious students of Bhaaratheeya kala & samskaara.

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