Session 8- Hand Gestures/ Hastas/ Asamyutha Hastas

The adavus that follow will use a lot of hand gestures . So it is essential at this point to get acquainted with a term called “hastas”.


Hastas are Hand gestures or symbols. They are of 2 kinds.1. Asamyutha Hastas or One handed Gestures2. Samyutha Hastas or Two Handed Gestures.
Hastas can be used to convey an idea, thought or feeling to the viewers in conjunction with the lyrics (sahitya) of a song, or they may just add beauty to a movement. The latter are called Nritta Hasta. These are the ones that we will use in the adavus.
Asamyutha Hastas: The One- Handed Gestures

Here are the 28 Asamyutha Hastas according to Natya sashtra. the following chart gives a picture and name of a particular Asamyutha Hasta. Please have a look at them.

Asamyutha Hastas

Each of these hastas have a meaning and each of them can be used to denote a lot of emotions, nouns, verbs , adverbs and adjectives. We will deal with all of that at a later time. For now, have this chart handy and try to learn up Pathakam, Tirupathakam, katakamukham, alapadmam, shikaram for now.

Work on these and we will start with the second set of adavus- Naat adavu in the next session.


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  1. please send me the post from 1st session till now.
    its really healpfull for students to learn

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