Session 11- Naatadavu Step 4

Swastikam-footHave you practiced the 3rd step?

Let’s now move on to the next one. The 4th step is an extension of the 3rd one. At this point, a foot position known as swastikam is introduced.(Ref Fig). In this position one leg is placed on the toes behind the other leg that rests normally. This is a very beautiful position that gives a lot of stability and feminine grace to the dancer.

Let’s watch the animation now…

Now lets go through the flow of the movements. if you did watch carefully there is this swatikam part that is followed by the third step we saw in the previous post.

Start Position: Feet in araimandi and hands in Katakamukham near the chest.

Movement Flow

  • Thai : Stretch right feet in “naatu/ anjitham” towards to front, with hands in alapadmam and the torso bending to the front as if to reach the toes, just as in third step.
  • Yum: Tap the left feet while remaining in the above position.
  • Nat 4Tat:
    • Take the right leg backward and place the right feet behind the left in swastikam as explained above.
    • The torso is straightened and the waist slightly bends to the left.
    • The hands are now in Katamukham near the chest.
    • Tilt your head to the left and direct your glance to your front left corner.
  • Ta: Tap the left leg now in front while remaining in this position.
  • For Tai – Yum – Ta -Ha– Repeat the the thirs step as is.

The whole series of 8 variations in the movements that we have just discussed above are then repeated to the left, mirroring the actions done to the right.For beginners this isn’t an easy step and don’t be too hard on yourselves. Within the next few sessions, you will be fine. Lets now practice with this audio file

Teaching Tips: If kids and beginners find this step hard to memorize, you could try saying, ” Front- yum- back- ta- from – yum -ta-ha”.


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