Session 12- Practice session

Araimandi/NatyarambhamToday is your day to practice a few of the steps you have learned, in 3 speeds, with my audio accompanying you.

Have you done your Salutation? Good! We will work on all the steps starting from Tatdavau 7 – Naatadavu 4. Sit in Aramandi. Good!

Tat adavu 7 – Click on the adavu to play the audio

Tat adavu 8Click on the adavu to play the audio

Now that was good. Let’s go on to Naatadavu

Naatadavu – Click and Play this  to practice the first second and third Naat adavus learned so far.

Naatadavu 4– Click to listen and practice

Wasn’t it an enjoyable session. Slightly tired. We will be fine with time.

Bye and see you in the next session.


One Response

  1. Hi, I am not able to listen to these audio files. Could you please provide me the same.
    Dear Parul,
    The original audio host disontinued their free services. So I have transferres all the audio files to
    You may find the link on the blue bird button on the left hand side of the blog.
    I will have to replace all the old links with this new one. Will do it as soon as possible.
    Thanks for your comment.

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