Session 13- Naatadavu Step 5

Naatadavu Step 5, is a geometrical construction literally. The hand here draws an arc and straight lines. This step lends itself beautifully to group choreographies.

The Foot postions are once again the swasthikam and Naatu.

The Hands are in Tirupathakam.

Lets watch this step in our animation.

Now lets analyze the flow…

  1. Start– Sit in araimandi with hands stretched out inTirupathakam.
  2. Thai
    • Feet- Move right feet behind the left to make a swastikam.
    • Hands- Move right arm upwards to stretch above the head with tirupathakam facing the ceiling. The right hand is now at a right angle to the left
    • Face upwards and look at your right hand extended on the top.
  3. Yum– Tap the left feet in front with all other position similar to previous position
  4. Nat 5Tat
    • Feet- Move right feet from behind the left to the front and stretch in “Naatu”
    • Hands- The right hand now moves down in an arc to make a parallel with the right stretched feet.
    • Head, neck and eyes, follow the movement of the right arm.
  5. Ta
    Feet- Move right feet back to araimandi position
    Hands- The right hand now moves upwards towards the chest while bending at the elbow and then stretched back in a straight line at the shoulder level.
    Head, chin and eyeslook from down at the audience brightly.

    • For Thai -yum Ta- ha- mirror the movement in the left.

    Teacher’s tip: It may help to say “Back- yum- front ta- back-yum-front -ha

    Practice with audio

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