Test 1-Checkpoint

Dear students,

It is important we check to see if we have grasped and reatined what has been taught in the previous sessions, before we proceed further. So let’s see.

Here are the questions…

  1. What does Thattikumudu mean? When is it done?
  2. What are steps called in Bharathanatyam jargon?
  3. How many speeds are prescribed for practicing steps ?
  4. What are Hastas?
  5. What are one handed gestures called?
  6. What kind of steps are found in Thatadavu? Stretching/tapping
  7. Naatu means to rest on the heel or toes?
  8. While dancing, especially the steps, the eyes usually follow the hastas/hand movements- true or false?
  9. What is the half sit in the Bharathanatyam called?
  10. Can you name a few positions of the feet that we looked into so far?

If you get less than 7 out of these questions right, it may help to revise your previous lessons. Remember we are always here and there is no hurry. Perfection and assimilation are first in our agenda. (Check you answers)
If you got 7 out of 10 correct to the above questions. Answer the following question…
Are you able to recall all the 8 tatadavus and Naatadavus?
Yes– Welcome to our next session.. Great going…
No– Please go through the animations once more before you join us for the next session.

You are welcome to send in your answers to us by posting them as comments. We will check them and let you know. The results/answers for this test will be released in our Orkut Community with a week’s time.

You are welcome to join our orkut community – specially created for the users of this website. Your comments, suggestions, answer to our queries and your queries to us can be posted there.

One Response

  1. Hi madam,
    I have learnt bharatanatyam long before and now I have just visted this site for refreshing. I am 32 years now. I want to learn the hasts viniyogam for all the mudras. If you can teach us through video presentation It would be of great help. Your effort and method is really good. When I see your each adavus I feel like dancing again. But With my two kids it is not possible but I do some steps after seeeing your method of teaching. I also would be happy If you can post some Items like alarippu, jhatiswaram etc.
    thank you
    with regards

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