Session 17- Mardhita step 3

Let’s look at the third variation in mardhita today. This step is unique to the style developed by Padmasri Smt. Chitra Visweswaran.

Now lets have a look at the animation:-

You may realize this in fact is an extension of the first step.

For the first set of “Ta-tai-tai-ta, di-tai-tai-ta” the first step is executed . Then we add a couple of movements for the second set of mnemonic syllables, the feet moving just in the sameway as it did in first step.

Lets look at the new hand movements closely


  • Ta : (Ref fig pos 1)

    • Hand: In uttana alapadmam (palms facing up) are stretched straight behind. left hand holds a katakamukham in front of the chest.
    • The torso turns and the face now looks at the alapadmam
    • Feet:the right feet taps at its position in araimandi
  • Tai:(Ref fig pos 2)
    • Hand: Fold the right hand at the elbow to bring the alapadmam ( in Uttanam) in front of the chest.
    • The torso is now turned back straight and the waistslightly bends to the right
    • The right feet taps a little away from the previous position
  • Tai:(Ref fig pos 3)
    • Hands: Stretch right hands in katakamukham in front
    • The waist bends a ittle more to the right.
    • The left leg is moved behind the right in swastikam
  • Ta:(Ref fig pos 4)
    • Hands: bend at the right elbow to bring the stretched katakamukham to the front of the chest.
    • Torso is now straightened.
    • The right is brought back in line with the left and tapped.

    For Di-Tai-tai-ta mirror movement to left.

Lets practice this with the audio

Teaching Tip : Learning can be made easier for the younger kids by saying the follwing before you make them do it with the sorkattu.

  • R -apart- back- together
  • L- apart- back- together
  • Back(R) apart front together
  • Back(L) apart fron together

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  1. hi,
    This site is too good and you guys are doing a great job.
    continue with good work you are doing. you people are helping many students and making their basics become stronger. Iam a beginer to Bharatnatyam, only 2 classes over since i joined. But they didn’t begin the way you people taught step by step. I will be follower of your site from today.. Thanx for such a good site 🙂

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