Session 18- Samyutha Hastas

Before we proceed to step 4 of mardhita, let’s look at the Samyutha or Sankyutha (Sanskrit, meaning together/combined) Hastas. These are the two handed gestures and are 24 in number. Here is a chart for the Samyuhta Hasta, please click on it to enlarge…

Samyutha hasta

There are only 23 in this chart. Avahita, the last of the Samyutha hastas has two Alapadmams crosses at the wrist and placed in uttanam (facing the sky) in front of the chest .

I have been asked how to learn up these hastas?

Repetition is the only key. Learn up the above in 3 days, say 8 per day, taking care to see if what was learned the previous day is retained.In our class we often keep repeating the Asamyutha and Samyutha hastas reciting their names and demonstrating the symbols.

We have now learned :-

Please get these committed to memory. We will be learning the verses from the Natyasashtra as it mentions them, after we complete learning the meanings for these Samyutha hastas.

In our next step in Mardhita we will be using the Dola Hasta , so please acquaint yourselves with it.


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