Session 20-Mardhita Step 6

The step we will learn today introduces a few new concepts.

1. A new padha bhedha/feet movement called Taditam again a term from Sangita Ratnakara

2. The typical dancer’s walk with folded knees called, Chankramanam Chari, which we shall see in detail when we learn about Charis a little later

3. A jump in the aramandi position, balancing on toes refered to in common terms as Kuttu or Kudhittu position.

This step is put under mardhita as it still uses the Sollukattu Ta-tai-tai-ta, but fits more under the term paraval adavu where there is a general movement to spread out.

Lets watch an animation:-

Now coming to the analysis of the movement sequence.flow

Start Position: Aramandi with hands stretched in KatakamukhamThe Jump position

  • Ta
    • Feet:Jump on toes in aramandi
    • The right hand katakamukham is brought near the left one
    • Bend at your waist towards the left.
  • Tai:
    • Feet: Fold at your knees and place the right leg in naatu, then resting the toes, slightly waking towards the right
    • Hand: the right hand in Uttana alapadma now begins its journey towards the right
    • The bending at the waist follows the position of the right hand.
  • Tai:
    • Feet: Now place the left leg in Nattu, crossing the right one while doing so and then resting the toes.
    • Hand: the right hand in Uttana alapadma moves further towards the right
  • Ta:
    • Feet: Move , lift and place the right feet in line with the left in aramandi.
    • Hand: The right hand is now stretched to the right in katamukham to simulate the start positon.

    For Di-Tai-tai-ta, mirror movement to left.

Practice with the audio

Teacher’s tip: it may help to say

  • Jump R, L, Sit
  • Jump,L,R, Sit

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