Session 24- Asamyutha Hastas, verse from Abhinaya Darpana

We have learnt (learned) the names and meanings of Asamyutha hatsa in our previous sessions (sessions 8 and 15). Today we will have a theory session with Mr. Santosh Kumar(Please see our about page to know more about him)

Mr.Santosh will be now review the verse on Asamyutha Hasta from the Abinayadarpana. Please notice the three variations of katkamukhams that occur in the demonstration.

Here is the verse for you reference:-

Pathaakas tripathaako Ardhapathaakah: karthareemukhah:

mayooraakhyo ardhachandrascha araalah: shukathuNdakah:

Mushtishcha sikharaakhyascha kapiththah katakaamukhah

soochee chandrakalaa padmakosha sarpashirasthathaa

mrgashirsha simhamukhah kangulascha alapadmakaha

chathuro bhramarashchaiva hamsaasyo hamsapakshakaha

sandamsho mukulaschaiva thamrachooda thrishoolakaha


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