Test 2- Checkpoint

We have now completed four sets of adavus and Asamyutha and Samyutha Hastas.

Lets see how much we remember from what we have learnt…

Think and answer these questions carefully

  1. What are two handed gestures called?
  2. Katakamukham is an Asamyutha Hasta… True or False
  3. Paraval adavu is another name for ……………………
  4. Naatadavu gives importance to the ____________ position of the feet.
  5. Kudhitametti are steps that involve_________________.
  6. Name the position of the hands used in the Tatadavu.
  7. Match the following
    1. Kudhitametti a. Anjitham
    2. Tatadavu b. Flowing movements
    3. Naatadavu c. katithosedham
    4. Mardhitha d. Tapping
  8. Name the Hastas with the following meaning
    1. War 6. Blossomed flower
    2. Fish 7. Pigeon/dove
    3. Flag 8. crab
    4. Half Moon 9. peacock
    5. Needle 10. box/container
  9. Demonstrate the adavus for the following sorkattus :-
    1. Adavu 1
    2. Adavu 2
  10. Recite the Asamyutha Hasta Verse

The answers for this quiz is be published in our orkut community at http://www.orkut.com/CommMsgs.aspx?cmm=44961401&tid=2593468076417617749&na=4

You are free to send in your answers to us as comments…(Will not be posted)


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