Session 31- Introduction to Sarukkal adavu ( Sliding steps)

Congratulations to those who cleared the test checkpoint 2!!

Today we will start with “Sarukkal Adavu”. Sarukkal is a Tamil term that means “to glide or slide.”

Facts about Sarukkal Adavu

  • Position: Samapadam( standing position).
  • Hand Gestures: Pathakam, Alapadmam, Katakamukham,Mrigarsirsham a few styles use the dola also.
  • Foot movements:Taditham
  • Sollukattu: Tai-ha-dit-tai or Tai- ha-tai-hi

Now lets watch the animation of the first step…

Now lets analyse the flow of movements

Start position: Left hand stretched out at shoulder level in Pathakam facing the ground(adhomukham), right hand bent at elbows with Pathakam in front of the chest in adhomukham

  • Tai:
    • Tap right feet away from the from the left
    • Open both hands to have the pathakam in uttanam (facing upwards)
    • bend on your outstretched hand (i.e. to your left)
  • Ha:
    • Place left feet beside the right (Some styles literally slide the feet here, while others fold at their knees and land their heels before the toes (like Chakramanam chari)
    • Slowly close both hands to adhomukha pathakams again while retaining them in their start position
    • Straighten your torso
  • Di:
    • Now raise the toes of both feet (you remain on your heels to perform a taditam)
    • Flex at your wrists to raise your pathakams
    • Slightly lift your chin and look upwards
  • Tai:
    • Bring your toes down
    • Extend your wrists to bring your pathakams to the normal position again

For the left mirror the above movements…

Let’s practice with the audio


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