Session 33- Sarukkal adavu step 4

This is the last of the steps in this set of adavus.

Hastas used: Mrigasirsham and pathakam (kept at the waist). Some styles do use the dola instead of the pathakam.

Movement: The first step involved moving to the sides, the second to the front, the third, all 4 directions (R,L, Front and back). This step involves moving in diagonals to create a zig zag pattern in space.

Let’s now go throught the flow of movements in this step:-

Start Position: Samapadam with left hand in pathakam at the waist. The right hand is held in mrigarsirsham placed on the shoulder. The students begins standing slighlty turned towards the left (at 45 degress).

  1. Tai- Take a step to the back with your left leg. Bend to your right. Face left.
  2. Ha– Place your right feet in line with the left. Straighten your torso.
  3. Dit – Now go up on both your heels (as in executing a taditam). With a smart turn of your chin, look forward (ahead of the mrigarsirsham in your right hand).
  4. Tai– Put your toes down and return glance/drishti to left.

For the next set of tai-ha -di-tai, repeat the movements in your right.For another two sets of tai-ha -di-tai, mirror the movement to your left. While doing the left, the mrigarsirsham and pathakam are interchanged quickly and gracefully.

So in essence, you move twice backwards(obliquely) to the right and twice to the left creating zig zag patterns.

This step is definitely a challenge to visualize, to those of you who are learning it for the first time. But put on your thinking caps and try constructing one. It will definitely be fun to check it later on with our visual aid which will be posted soon.

Now lets look at our animation

Now let’s practice this with the audio.


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