Session 38 – Paidhal Step 3

Lets begin with watching this animation…

Now lets look at the movement flow in the step.

Start Position: Stand with feet together with katakamukhams at chest level in the right hand and the katakamukham stretched up above the head and facing upward in the left hand.

  • Tai:
    • Tap right feet behind the left to form a swastikam(crossed) behind the flat left feet
    • Bend to your left at your waist

· Tai

  • Leap and land with right feet . Fold your left leg at the knees and keep it raised behind the right leg.
  • The right hand opens out in alapadmam, and it is stretched out at the shoulder level to the front.
  • Bend towards the outstretched hand
  • Yum

o The left leg is now landed on its toes behind the right feet .

o The hand position and bending are as above

· Tatta – this is a rest/silent phrase (where no movement is done)

·For the next set of tai- tai yum- tatta mirror the movement in the left.

Try this with this audio link


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