Academy Vacation

Dear Students,

The Online Bharathanatyam Academy will remain closed for summer holidays till the end of July 2008. I will be moving to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia during the vacation and will continue the website administration and maintenance from there.

Keep Practicing during the holidays. Please continue the warm up/Flexibility Exercises during the holidays to maintain your flexibility!

Will  meet you soon!

Happy Holidays.



Session 40- Greeva Bedha/neck Movements

Four variations in neck movements are prescribed.

Here is what Mr. Santosh Kumar has to say about Greeva Bhedas

Sundari cha tiraschinaa tathaiva parivarthitha

Prakampitha cha bhavagnair gneyaa greeva chathurvidhaa


  • Sundari – Moving neck from side to side (atami in general terms)
  • Therashchinaa – Moving neck up and down in atami like the gliding of a snake
  • Parivarthitha – Moving neck from right to left like a half moon
  • Prakampitha – Moving neck front and back like bird/ pigeon

Session 39- Paidhal step 4

Let’s begin with watching this small animation file..

Source: Our video at

Explanations will follow soon!