Session 41-Kartari Adavu

Hi students! How are you doing? Have you been practising during the break? I have been having challenges of my own in making an international move from Indonesia to Malaysia. While it would still need time for me to process the pictures and animations I will start off slowly… Please bear with me:)

The kartari (meaning scissors) is a criss sross adavu. Here the hands and the feet trace criss cross patterns in space. This can also be considered to be  aprt of the paidhal adavu, since it involves leaping too!

Sorkattu: Tai-taiyum-tatta (as in paidhal)

Hastas: kartarimukham

Utplavana Bedha used: Kartari(this type of leap is classified as kartari)

Start position: Araimandi, with both hands in kartarimukham facing downwards. Right hand stretched out and the left bent at elbow in front of the chest

Stage 1

Tai: Leap to you left(Fold your right feet so it is now it is not in contact with the floor). Move the right outstretched hand in a V shape,towards the front of your chest . The left hand remains in front of the chest.

Taiyum-tatta: place right feet accross and in front of the left feet.The right hand is now stretched all the way accross to the front towards the left. The right palm now faces the roof (uttanam). Bend at the waist to your right.

Stage 2:

For the next set of tai-taiyum tatta, mirror the above movement to left.

Stage 3:

Tai-Leap backwards slighlty to the left with the left leg (right feet is still kept folded and dosent reach the floor). Move left hand backwards towards the chest. Right hand is now stretched in front. Both hands hold kartarimukhams with palms towards the audience.


taiyum-tatta: place right feet behind the left as in swastikam.Bend backwards slightly towards the left.

Both kartarimukhams are now held facing the audience, the right hand sretched out and the left placed in front of the chest.

Stage 4:

Tai: jump back with the right feet starting to the stretch the left kartarimukham towards the front.

Taiyum tatta: Place left feet behind the right in swastikam.. Both hands hold kartarimukhams (palms) towards the audience  . The right hand is in front of the chest and the left is stretched to the front .


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