Session 44:Exercise- Reciting with Thalam

Below is a video of Adi talam( Chatushra jati Triputa Talam having a total of 8 beats). Now try to use this and recite the natadavu or the mardhita in three speeds. Also try using your own hands to keep the time measure. Once you have understood this, you are ready to embark further on the panchanadai..

Please Visit ( since the video embedding is prohibited by this user, I am not able to do so here)

Video Courtesy: You Tube

Once you have accomplished reciting the sorkattu for the adavu with the thalam, watch the following video which demonstrates a Mirdanga Vidwan,mr. Satish Krishnamurthy, reciting a korvai (or a rhythmmic sequence) for adi talam. This recitation of the rhythmic syllable is also referred to as Konakkol. Try to keep the Talam along with him. It may not be easy the first time. Dont give up, learning the knack of it will be a very satisfying experience.

You may wonder why talam is given so much emphasis in this blog, but then remember “Tha” in Bharatha Natyam is for Thalam. Since we are learning the adavus or steps currently, we arent exactly touching upon the Bhavam or expressional aspect.. Ragam or Music is a subject in itself. Currently the right approach for you would be to master Talam (Rhythm) and Kaalam(Speed)

Video Courtesy: You Tube

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