Test 3- Checkpoint

  1. What is the salutation at the beginning and end of a dance session called?
  2. What was the first set of adavus taught?
  3. What kind of movements does Paydhal adavu feature?
  4. Thattimettu can also be called?
  5. Match the Following
    • Chatushram- 5
    • Tisram——4
    • Kantam—–3
    • sankeernam—7
    • Misram——-9
  6. Demonstrate Adi Talam
  7. Greva Bedhas refer to the movement of the ………………………….
  8. Demonstrate the 4 Greva Bedhas.
  9. Shiro Bhedas refer to movements of the …………
  10. Demonstrate Shiro Bedhas..

The answers for this quiz is be published in our orkut community

You are free to send in your answers to us as comments…(Will not be posted)

Answers Now posted at http://www.orkut.com/Main#CommMsgs.aspx?cmm=44961401&tid=5269720466229038933&na=4

2 Responses

  1. 1. Namasthe
    2. Thattadavu
    3. Jump (paithal meaning to jump in tamil)
    4. Panchanadai
    5. # Chatushram- 4
    # Tisram——3
    # Kantam—–5
    # sankeernam—9
    # Misram——-7
    6. 1 Laghu 1 Drutham
    7. Hip
    9. Head

  2. Hi Shri Abirami,

    Your answers are correct, except the ones for 6 and 7.
    Try checking your answers for these

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