Session 49: Ettadavu Step 2

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The link below shows a clip of Ettadavu Step 2.


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Session 48: Introduction to Ettadavu and Step 1

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The next set of adavus is ‘Ettadavu’. (yettu +adavu). ” Yettu” in Tamil means “to reach out” or “to stretch”. True to its name the adavu comprises of  movements that reach outwards , expanding the space used the dancer. These steps are usually seen at the beginning of Jathi Korvais. Traditionally, a lot of Trikala Jathis (The 3 speed jathis seen in Varnam) begin with this adavu, though it is not a necessity.

The adavus use tripathakam on both hands. The lines and the hands and feet emphasize the stretching movements.

Sollu Kattu: tai- taiyum- tatta (In Tisram or 3 beat as in ta- ki -ta). Use Ta-ki-ta for the third speed

Please see the following link for the first step of Ettadavu:

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