The Dress Code

dsc00335.jpgBefore we proceed further it is important to see what kind of clothing is usually worn or conducive to practicing Bharathanatyam.

Students to the Bharathanatyam class will be expected to wear a salwar kameez which would allow free movement. A dupatta should be tied firmly around the waist to support the back while dancing. Wearing of the bindi is highly recommended, as it enables one to notice if the student is following proper eye movement. Hair should be neatly combed and tied back. Students above 150 cms in height or grade 7 onwards will be expected to wear the cotton practice sarees as it gives the student’s movement a grace and maturity. Cotton is the material of choice as practicing Bharathanatyam will be rigorous and you are liable to sweat.

If you don’t have either and cannot get one in the immediate future start off with studio clothes that allow to sit comfortably like the students in the photo above, without having to pull at your clothes .

All these instructions are to be followed to obtain a good posture which is very important for a Bharathanatyam dancer.

Now get your outfit ready before we proceed further….