Resources and Citation

Adavus: Content By Sangeetha Shyam

References related to the content on the adavus and related aspects:

Apart from basing the content on the oral instruction and written notes disseminated by her Gurus at class, the following books have been referred to:-

  1. Kothari, Sunil, 2000, Bharata Natyam, Marg Publications,Mumbai, India.
  2. Subrahmanyam, Padma,1991,Bharathak kalai Kotpadu (Tamil), Vanathi Publications , Chennai, India.
  3. Bhagyalekshmy.S, 2005, Approach to Bharathanatyam, Third Edition, CBH Publications, Nagercoil, India.
  4. The Natya Sastra Of BharataMuni, 2003, transalated into English by a board of scholars,Second revised edition, Reprinted, Sri Satguru publications, Delhi, India.

3 Responses

  1. Dear Madam,

    how to start the lesson i m confused can you please help me.

    I want to learn natyam that is my life i love too much. i found this is site is very useful but i am not getting where to start from.

    Please help.


    Dear Aruna,
    Look for the archives in the left side and start from session no 1 in January 2008.
    Best wishes,

  2. Mrs. Sangeetha,
    i just want say thanks for your dedication! I wait for this informations for 10 years!


  3. Dear sir/madame,
    do u have sessions for sayuthahasta vinoyogas (natyarambe. ect.)? and asamyutha hasta viniyogas? specially videos?

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