Session 2-Conditioning Exercises

Bharathanatyam involves a completely mastery of the fine and gross motor skills that are involved with the technique. To get started here are a few exercises that helps one to mentally and physically prepare oneself for the task.

Eye Exercises:

Move your eyes in the following patterns.

1. Right and Left
2. Up and Down
3. Diagonals (R-up, L-down then L-up and R-down)
4. Circle

Neck Exercises:

Move your neck following the instructions below

  1. Right and Left (Nod as in agreement)
  2. Atami (The movement commonly seen in Alarippu and reshiro-bedhas.jpgquires precise movement of the neck muscles)
  3. Up and down(Ref Fig. alongside)
  4. Bird’s neck(Move neck to front and back in short jerky movements). Repeat this movement facing the right , left and front or centre.
  5. Swirl (Rotate , start from down , bend neck to right, back, bend neck to left, down and straight. Repaeat on the other side)

Warm Up Exercises

Here is what renowned dance guru Prof . Sudharani Ragupathy has to say about warm up exercises in Bharathanatyam.”A good warm up is very essential before a Bharatanatyam recital. Stretch exercises help. The most common and easy exercise is touching the toes sideways from a standing position ( with legs stretched apart) and by bending downwards in the front (with feet together). This provides a good stretch for the arms and legs. Full sit, ‘Muzhumandi’ and getting up. Doing the ‘Namaste’ with your hands (joining the palms) behind the back.”Source:( Kutcheribuzz)
1.  Frog Jumps: Squat in the full mandi/full sitting position with your heels up. You weight is balanced on the toes . Now try jumping forward in this squatting position.
2. High Jumps: Relax your body and Jump as high as you can folding at your knees when when you reach the high point. An attempt must be made to touch one’s bottoms with the sole.
We will see some more of the fleibility exercises in our next class. See you there. We will try to post apt photos to make understanding easier.