Session 34- Shiro Bhedas or Head Movements

Bhedha as most Indonesian and Malaysian students will understand, is a term that denotes a change/difference (from the previous state).This Sanskrit word is very commonly used word in these two languages. Bhedhas in dance terminology means a variety of movements prescribed for a particular anga/pratyanga.

In this session Mr. Santosh will elucidate the Shiro Bhedas or movement of the Head . Let’s watch him teaching his class…

Here is the verse and the explanation…

Samam udhvaahitham adhomukham aalokitham dhutam

Kampithamcha paraavrittam utkshiptam parivaahitham.

  • 1. Samam :natural/ straight
  • 2. udhvaahitham:Raised up
  • 3. Adhomukham: Head cast down(down cast face)
  • 4. aalolitham:rotating the head
  • 5. dhutam:shake head from side to side, as if to say no
  • 6. kampitham:nodding up and down, as if to say yes
  • 7. paraavrittam: head turned away to the side (looking away), as if to ignore
  • 8. utkshiptham: Moving head in half moon shape with chin touching neck (thrown up),as if to command or request
  • 9. parivaahitham:shaking the head swiftly from one side to the other (as if shivering Wagging, /widly moved)