Dear Readers,

Thank you for your overwhelming support. This section will publish date wise announcements with regards to the course, service, operation and maintenance of this website.

FEB 25th- Our audio files are experiencing a problem. Our download from Ripway has exceeded the allowing limits for the free account that we share. We have contacted them and are working on it getting restored. Sorry for the inconvenience.-Problem Corrected

FEB 26th- Please join our orkut community to interact and discuss issues with relevance to this website and Bharathanatyam in general

APRIL 9th – YouTube has been banned in a few countries. So if your country is blocking the site, you may not be able to view the animation clips /videos. Since the uploading of the videos for this site is primarily affected, we may have to make do with picture files for some time… We will try and provide an alternative video host. Please check back later for updates. Sorry for the inconvenience…

April12th- The You Tube ban has been lifted and viewers should have no problem with the animation upload/download.

May 16th – Media Max the audio host we were using for adavus does not continue to support free audio hosting. So Our audio files will be transferred to You will find all our audio tracks here…

There is a esnips button in the home page which will also take you to this location.

12 Responses

  1. This also is great….how do you do it………..I mean…..i am very proud you are doing something very useful…and it is going to go places!!!!

  2. Thank you uma. Being passionate about dance and having been talking about this since some time, one fine day, we just put our thoughts in action.
    we look forward for your support and encouragement.

  3. Hai Iam S.gokul, Iwas so interested in learning bharathanatyam but. I don’t know how. Will this website help me in learning bharathanatyam ?

  4. If this web help me in learning bharatham inform me through my e mail Id

    Dear Mr. Gokul,
    Nice to hear from you.I am not sure what kind of help with Bharathanatyam instruction you are looking for.You are welcome to join us here and begin with session one.You can communicate through the comments in this blog. Join us at our orkut community ( ) and let us know more.

  5. its indeed a n inovative method of teaching dance for distant students like me .eagerly waiting for forth coming lesson.all the best.

    Hi Hrishikesh!
    Thank You.
    This blog asks for a lot of time and effort. I will do my best to take it ahead.

  6. Hi,
    Is there a session on your website where you teach the alaripur ( the 1st dance)?? I have done it before but i just wanted to check on something at the end.

  7. This website does not aim at covering practical aspects other than adavus… at least at this point of time. Meanwhile you may search for alarippu videos in You Tube. There are a lot of videos showing alarippu in different nadais.

  8. Thanks so much…will do.

  9. hello

    This is an amazing website.You are doing an wonderful job! I am kalashetra student and I have been learning dance for over 10 yesr now. I am now married and teaching two kids.

    I was wondering if there is any suggestion for teaching them puspanali .I would like to make them perform on stage.

    What music shall i make them dance to?

    Dear Smitha,
    Santosh and I did a little conference on your query! The Tanjore quartet did not exactly include the Pushpanjali into the Margam repertoire. Pushpanjali gained its entry into the Margam pretty recently. So Kalkashetra students traditionally start their margam from Alaripu!

    As for what music to use, there are various commercial recordings of puspanjali’s like that tho dagatham(famous with vazhuvur schools and also in the CD released by Smt. Priyadarshini Govind for Samskriti series/ Madurai. sri R. Muralidharan cassette), or tham tham tham thangida thaka that to danga thakutha (famous with Sri Dhananjayan students). Both these recordings supposedly end with a Ganesha sloka to! Find the CD and proceed keeping in mind your daughters experience!

    Good Luck!

  10. Accidently i came across this site. Already ur sessions are over. ahether i can get it from this site its self. my sons is learning bharathanatyam.

  11. is it possible to down load the adavu solkattu from esnips. i could only here it.

    Hi Sreekumar!
    I am happy you find this project useful.
    I think esnips dosent allow downloading. I will think of a way of helping you get the mp3s.

  12. Hi!!

    I’m extremely passionate about Bharatanatyam and have been working on developing an online presence that can help students abroad who find it difficult to find a Guru learn and practice. That’s when someone sent me a link to your website.
    Really happy to find someone with a similar thought process, wonder if we could work together coz I would like to help with building out this initiative.

    Good Luck!

    Hi Anagha,
    I am glad you can help. I will contact you through email.

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